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Being a parent is one of the most difficult, and least recognized jobs ever. And, as in any other job, there is nothing wrong, nor strange in seeking for expert advice in some situations, if this helps you being more confident and serene in your role, since this is what your children need.

​Maybe you’ve been looking for psycho-educational advice on child-development literature, and,  if so, you’ll have realized that not everything applies to your child and contradictory recommendations are often given. Each child is different, with a unique personality, story, memories and, mainly, a unique combination of parents! Attachment theory, of which at INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE we are all fond of, states that personality is shaped upon the child-parent interactions since early age. According to that, your child’s behaviour, for how dysfunctional it can be, must be functional in the relationship with you as parents.

A child-psychology expert, having an outer perspective, can help you to see the relational meaning behind your child’s actions and attitude, and can give you some advice on how to help him/her to express feelings and feel safe and supported by his/her parents.

If you are on this page, probably you are an expat living in Milan. We are highly experienced in children expat issues, that sometimes go under-noticed by their parents. Living here as an expat might be difficult for adults, but it’s usually twice as hard for children, only, they are unable to articulate their struggling and less equipped to look for support.

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