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We are Party-appointed Technical Consultants (PTC) when official technical consultancy is called in cases of judicial separation, insurance and property disputes, lawsuits for mobbing.

What is a Party Technical Consultant?

The Party-appointed Technical Consultant is specialist, in our case a forensic psychologist, who intervenes on your behalf in a judicial proceeding where an assessment of your psychological, neuro-psychological or parenting skills is necessary or appropriate.


When a judge deems a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation of the parties in question necessary, he calls a Technical Consultancy Office, i.e. he appoints a trusted psychologist (Technical Consultant, CTU), to assess and evalutate the parties' state from a psychological or neuropsychological perspective. The parties have the right to check the correctness of the assessment carried out by the CTU through a trusted forensic psychologist: the Party Technical Consultant (CTP), who can request additions or changes to the investigation method, validate or criticize the CTU's evaluation. 

Which court trials need a technical psychologist?

  • Judicial separations/divorces/marriage annulments: to assess the mental health of former spouses.

  • Child custody: to assess parenting skills so to rule out the possibility of joint custody (which, in Italy, is given by default).

  • Insurance disputes: to asses psychic biological damage and existential damage following road or work accidents.

  • Property disputes: to assess the mental capacity and cognitive skills.

  • Lawsuits for mobbing: for assessments of patrimonial, biological, moral, existential and professional damage.

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