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Psychotherapy improves how we think, feel and act through self-awareness. 

Once we know our dynamics we can regulate our emotions and feelings and we can behave so to pursue our goals.

We are attachment therapists

In International Psychology Practice we are psychologists and psychotherapists who base our work on attachment theory. Our theoretical approaches range from cognitive behavioral therapy, post-rationalist therapy, systemic therapy to psycho-analysis; however, attachment theory allows us to have a common language in dealing with our cases in team intervisions, and gives us a very similar approach towards the patient/client. 

The attachment theory, which was born from the research of John Bowlby in the 60s, explains how our personality developed so to adapt to the personality of tour care-givers (usually our parents), in order to ensure closeness and protection (you can read more here). Today, the attachment theory represents a foundation of evidence-based practice in psychotherapy and has received countless experimental validation over 50 years.

As attachment therapists, we focus on healing wounds in attachment relationships that may be the reason for difficulties in adult relationships. For this to happen, it is essential that a good relationship is established between the therapist and patient/client and this is most important predictive factor for the success of a psychotherapy. 

How to choose a therapist?

If you are interested in psychotherapy with us, you may directly choose one of our professionals by looking on their personal profile page, where you will find all the references to get in touch directly with the chosen professional. Otherwise, you can send us a request using the form below where you can explain some of your difficulties and tell us about your time schedule, then we will select some professionals who are appropriate and available. The price for our individual sessions range from 70 to 100 euros, according to the therapist's experience.


Given that being at ease with the therapist is so important, in International Psychology Practice, we have chosen to offer the first session in our center for free; so, if you do not feel comfortable, you may also check on how you feel with a different therapist.

Some clarity between different specialists

The psychologist is a full graduate in psychology (BSc + MSc) who passed the state exam and is registered by the Chartered Institute of Psychologists (Ordine degli Psicologi), so is obliged to act according to an ethical code. The psychologist can deal with many aspects of psychological science (eg occupational psychology) but, as far as the clinical field is concerned, in Italy a psychologist can offer surface psychological support (what we call counseling) not psychotherapy.


When a psychologist is a trainee in psychotherapy (a four-year postgraduate school, DClinPsy), can offer psychotherapy under the supervision of experts, from the 3rd year.

The psycho-therapist has a degree in psychology or in medicine, and has completed a four-year postgraduate school in psychotherapy (DClinPsy), for which he underwent 500 hour internship under expert supervision and has passed a viva. The psychotherapist is registered and the Chartered Institute of Psychotherapists and is autonomous in the management of his patients, but has the obligation of permanent training (ECM credits). 

The psycho-analyst is a psychotherapist whose theoretical orientation falls within the scope of psycho-analysis.

The EMDR therapist is a psychotherapist (or a trainee in psychotherapy about to complete the DClinPsy) who has completed a specific training in EMDR therapy. 

The psychiatrist is a medical doctor with a four-year post-graduate school in psychiatry (DClinPsych); as such, the psychiatrist can prescribe drugs for the treatment of mental illnesses.


The counselor is anyone, even without a university education, who has completed a three-year training course in counseling (psychological support). Although this is legal outside of Italy, here, only who has degree in psychology and is registered in the register of psychologists can be in charge of counselling patients (maybe also after a counselling school). Without a psychology degree, this is considered an abuse of the profession (and should be declared to the authorities).

The coach is a professional who offers advice on technical issues (e.g. career coach, marketing coach) for which he has specific skills.

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Our prices range from 70 to 100 euros per session depending on the experience and qualifications of the professional

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