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Neuro-Psychology deals with understanding, evaluating, and enhancing brain activity in relation to its function in directing behavior. 

What is neuro-psychology?

Neuropsychology is the science that studies how the brain guides human behavior: how we perceive stimuli and sensations, plan movements, experience emotions, organize thoughts, remember, speak, pay attention, reflect on ourselves, and plan actions.  

​In International Psychology Practice we can evaluate the functionality of the brain starting from its effects on behavior, through cognitive testing and offer individualized cognitive rehabilitation trainings

Neuropsychological evaluation for adults

Neuropsychological evaluation in adults may is useful to: 

  • evaluate the progression of a neurodegenerative disorder (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's) and understand how to reduce associated difficulties; 

  • evaluate the extent of cognitive impairment following TIA, stroke, head injury and cerebral hypoxia

  • evaluate the possibility of a learning disability (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia), attention deficit disorder or memory issues. 

Neuropsychological evaluation for children

Psychological assessment in children helps to understand whether social, motor, attention or school problems, can be linked to a biological basis rather than an emotional origin.

A cognitive evaluation at International Psychology Practice may indicate whether you need a full screening and certification in a specialized center.

Cognitive training for adults and children 

After you've screened your cognitive abilities, (or if you've got a screening elsewhere) we offer individualized rehabilitation and cognitive enhancement programs. We offer training for attention disorders. Cognitive intervention makes it possible to reduce the consequences of discomfort on family and daily life, through the creation of alternative strategies and cognitive enhancement exercises, and above all, to identify and find personal strategies to cope with daily demands.

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