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When we feel as if we are in danger

When we feel anxious, our body goes into a constant alert modality as if there was a threat to protect us from, so the heart and breath rate increase, there can be digestive symptoms and there is more reactivity to environmental stimuli. All these reactions make us feel constantly agitated, even without a real danger.

Such psycho-physiological alert can be triggered by a real situation, but also by an image, or a thought; also, our imagination and rumination can spiral and exacerbate the anxious state.

Anxiety is a wakeup call from our body, that is trying to signal that something is making us feel in danger, and, as such, we cannot ignore this message. 

A therapist helps into making sense of this manifestation, so that it won't scare you anymore, but rather, it will be used to find a way to feel safe again. 

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