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Dr. Giulia Marton, PhD DClinPsy

Psychologist, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapist, EMDR therapist lev. I
Expert on Health Psychology (Psycho-Oncology and Psycho-Cardiology)

Giulia Marton_edited.jpg
  • BSc in Psychology (Univ. San Raffaele - Milano) 

  • MSc in Psychology (Univ. San Raffaele - Milano) 

  • PhD in General Psychology (European School of Molecular Medicine - Milano)

  • DClinPsy in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (Studi Cognitivi - Milano)

  • Qualified EMDR Therapist level 1 (EMDR Italia)

Chartered Psychotherapist - Albo Psicologi Lombardia  - Sez. Psicoterapeuti

Member of EMDR Italia

Practicing in Italian and English in piazza Sei Febbraio 4

To book an appointment,

write to:

or call: 371 46 76 554

What brought me here

I graduated with the highest honors in Clinical and Health Psychology, and I specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy. After my graduation and during my specialization, I did years of internship with patients with organic diseases, specifically with oncology and cardiology patients and with patients affected by psychiatric diseases.  


During my years of working as a clinical psychologist, I worked with anxiety and depression, emotional issues, adjustment disorder, relational issues, cultural adjustment, panic attacks, communication difficulties, and parenthood crises. During the Covid pandemic, thanks to the spread of online consultations, I started working with people living outside of Italy; together with them I faced their difficulties in adapting to different cultures and in developing relationships and life plans in a foreign country.

Adding to my specialization in cognitive behavioral therapy, I also obtained a Ph.D.. During the four years of my Ph.D. I focused on psycho-oncology and I was affiliated with the European Institute of Oncology in Milano.

My therapeutic approach

Together with my clinical practice, I also work in research. I think that these fields are not in contrast as my clinical practice is guided by a transparent but scientific approach that I like to share with people I meet: I am not a passive therapist, I explain what I have in mind trying to be as clear as possible with the aim to build a shared path towards well-being and acceptance.


All this academic and practical experience as well as my approach helps me to work mainly with adults, young adults, and teenagers, in Italian and English.

My way of being a therapist

I am a warm and non-judgmental therapist. With people who contact me I like to set up shared goals thanks to the different skills that we both bring to therapy: with my experience and knowledge I can provide a different perspective; the people I meet instead, knowing themselves, brings with them their point of view, their difficulties as well as their strengths.

I am a cognitive behavioral therapist. What does it mean? I believe that there is a link between thoughts and emotions and that our beliefs about events have an impact on how we feel. I usually work on thinking distortions considering the impact that they have on our daily life, through this work I help to get new tools that are more functional to face adversities.


Borrowing a metaphor from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (a branch of cognitive behavioral therapy), I think of therapy as a mountain path. People I meet in therapy are climbing their mountains and I'm climbing mine. From where I am, I am allowed to see things on their path that they cannot see, such as an avalanche that is about to fall, a possible alternative path, or that some tools are not used effectively and guide them. Of course, I don’t believe that I have reached the top of my mountain, that I am sitting and relaxing, taking in the view. I'm still climbing myself, still making mistakes, and still learning from them. The beauty is that we all can improve more and more in climbing and learn more and more to appreciate the journey sharing our skills.

This is how I consider therapy: we work together as a team.

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