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Dr. Giovanna Lodola, DClinPsy

Psychologist, Cognitive-Behavioural and Post-Rationalist Therapist
Advanced EMDR therapist (Practitioner). Expert on Couple's Therapy

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  • BSc and MSc in Psychology (Univ. Bicocca - Milano) 

  • DClinPsy in Cognitive-Behavioural and Post-Rationalist Therapy (Centro Terapia Cognitiva Como)

  • Qualified EMDR Therapist level 1 and 2 (EMDR Italia)

  • Qualified Expert EMDR Therapist (Practitioner) (EMDR Italia)

  • MA in learning disabilities

  • MA in Couple's Therapy (Centro Terapia Cognitiva - Como)

Chartered Psychotherapist - Albo psicologi Lombardia  - Sez.Psicoterapeuti

Member of EMDR Italia

Practicing in Italian and English in via Elba, and piazza Sei Febbraio

To book an appointment,

write to:

or call: 339 41 61 440

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What brought me here

When I chose a major in clinical Psychology, I had many questions that I thought this study path could answer.

The subjects I read about during my university years were fascinating: I studied about the brain, learned what drives human behavior, understood what leads to psychopathology and much more.

But all this information wasn’t enough. A degree in psychology is only the first step to eventually become a therapist. It is indeed a process that takes time and personal growth.

My first experiences on the field happened during my internship, right after obtaining my degree in Clinical Psychology from Universita’ Bicocca in Milano.

At CPBA (a clinic for children and adolescents) I was lucky enough to meet a group of senior professionals who used more than just testing and play therapy to treat their young clients. I was fully immersed in a program of group therapy using a number of expressive techniques including psychodrama, art, movement and other active methods. Here I learned how valuable each tool can be when working with the littles and teens.

Enriched from this experience, I wanted to learn more and I decided to join a post-grad school to become a cognitive psychotherapist. I completed a four-years program in Como at Centro Terapia Cognitiva, based on the importance of attachment style as the foundation of human beings.

I later completed a specific training, at the same school, to work with couples.

In the meantime, I started working part-time at the American School of Milan where I am currently a classroom assistant on the elementary side. Through the experience with such a diverse cultural community, I am constantly challenged to understand the implications of culture in human psychology.

More hours of internship were a must for students to obtain their title of psychotherapist, so I completed my training working with different clinical realities, including a psychiatric inpatients clinic.

I later felt the need to supplement my tools to treat conditions that attachment issues can cause and eventually lead to complex trauma.

I started training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), learning how to treat PTSD and other disturbing memories to help my clients leave their past in the past. I kept engaging in professional development sessions to become an EMDR PRACTITIONER and now, with this powerful treatment, I can also work with clients with dissociation of personality and other symptoms caused by traumatic experiences.

During my sessions with clients, I like to merge all my knowledge and experience to customize therapy for each individual, working towards increasing awareness, processing any type of traumas and finding resources to enhance a state of well-being.

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