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Francesco De Martino, DClinPsy Student

Psychologist, Trainee in Cognitive-Behavioral and Post-Rationalist Therapy

Francesco De Martino_edited.jpg
  • BSc in Psychology (Univ. San Raffaele - Milano) 

  • MSc in Clinical Psychology (Univ.Cattolica - Milano)

  • DClinPsy student (writing up phase) in Cognitive-Behavioural and Post-Rationalist Therapy (Centro Terapia Cognitiva - Como)

Chartered Psychologist - Albo Psicologi Lombardia  - Sez. Psicologi

Member of the Italian Society of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (SITCC)

Practicing in Italian and English in via Elba 10

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or call: 348 883 13 16

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About me

My connection with Psychology is a history of curiosity and passion.

I was initially drawn by the rigorous and scientific approach of Neurosciences, as I was convinced, and I still am, that it is the only way to comprehend mental functioning. I thus decided to attend San Raffaele University, where I learned many of the concept that are still a core part of my beliefs, like the importance of the theory of attachment and the neurobiological foundations of human behavior.

I then continued my studies at Cattolica University, where I was able to differentiate my formation and focus on some themes that were taught in their Master class in Clinical Psychology, such as the different ways that a system (family, school, work, society), a relational context, and the transitions between stages of life can influence human thoughts and behavior.

I began my clinical activity in between my studies, in different Hospitals and Psychiatric institutes, for example Learning how to treat patients with complex psychopathological syndromes in the San Raffaele Turro Institute in Milan.

In the later years, during my training in Psychotherapy at the Center of Cognitive Therapy in Como, I continued my clinical work, focusing mainly on the critical stages of life (adolescence, adulthood, Young adulthood and seniority), and on psychological and emotional support, working in Italy and in Switzerland.

I have also specialized in Business Psychology, and I have managed various successful projects, some centered on the client (counselling, coaching, career development) and some centered on businesses (team building, organizational consulting, change management, workplace welfare and executive search).

I am one of the founders of the online magazine and of the Facebook page Psicologia, which have become a well-known channel for Psychology enthusiasts and practitioners alike.

I strongly believe that we never stop to grow and learn, and the best way to do that is to challenge your views every day and compare it with different views from other.

That’s why I am working in multidisciplinary work environments, where there are constantly new opportunities for mutual exchange and development.

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