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Elisabetta Maglio, BSc, MSc

Psychologist, Mental Health Counsellor - C.Rogers approach
EMDR Therapist Lev. 1

Elisabetta Maglio_edited.jpg
  • BSc in Psychology (Univ. Cattolica Milano) 

  • MSc in Developmental Psychology (Univ. Cattolica Milano) 

  • MA in mental health counselling (Palo Alto - CA - US)

  • EMDR Therapist Level 1

Chartered Psychologist (Albo Psicologi Lombardia)  - Sez. Psicologi

Practicing in Italian and English in Piazza Sei Febbraio

To book an appointment, 

write to:

or call at: 338 99 07 639

What brought me here

I am a Psychologist registered with the Lombardia Regional Council of Psychologists. I was awarded an MA in Mental Health Counselling from Palo Alto University (CA, USA); I have practiced both in Italy and internationally in various scenarios, from corporate psychology to private practice and school environments. My areas of expertise are children, adolescents and their families, however my clientele will often span generations from children to adults. I’ve spent a significant part of my career in Shanghai, China, where I practiced within the expat community, with a unique focus on cultural and inter-generational relationships.

During my time overseas, I collaborated with an international school and held the position of an onsite school counselor: I assisted both students and parents. As a psychologist practicing with an international clinic, I’m exceptionally well-versed in the challenges people may face when living in a new culture. I have extensive online therapy experience, as result of China’s vast territory and the requirements to reach patients located outside of Shanghai; I’ve also collaborated with the no-profit organisation, ‘Life Line Shanghai’, which offered phone counselling for multiple mental health issues affecting the expat community. 

My areas of specialty include mood disorders, including anxiety or depression, panic attacks and behavioral issues, anger and communication, parenting guidance and relational issues, inside the family or within the couple, lifespan crisis, including newborn parents, post-partum depression, cultural adjustment, and work-related crisis.

My therapeutic approach

I agree with Carl Rogers, the founder of Humanistic psychology, when he says that for a person to grow, it’s important to live within an environment that provides genuine (openness and self-disclosure), acceptance (being seen with unconditional positive regards) and empathy (being listened to and understood). These three pillars are uppermost when I meet a prospective client, during an initial session, and right through until a final appointment.

For a person to overcome temporary challenges and impasses, it’s crucial to occupy a safe space and time where he/she could process his/her needs and desires, in order to be able to gather their strengths and to make plans on how to move forward. My typical integrated approach combines techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Narrative Therapy. This entails an initial period listening to a client’s stories, identifying recurrent themes and key words that may indicate telling events in his/her life.

Moreover, I aim to utilise CBT techniques, to focus on thinking patterns and possible thinking distortions that are very common to us all, yet which may become heightened by particular and specific events. After establishing our therapy goals, I value the importance of offering a client a “take-home” thought from our sessions, highlighting the valuable work completed during our time together, and underlining the improvements achieved in between sessions as our learnings are applied to a client’s everyday life.

I like to envisage therapy (and life in general) as a ladder: sometimes a destination may appear far and unreachable, the ladder may seem steep and unstable, but by taking one step at a time, a therapist holds the ladder steady, encouraging you to climb higher than you may have thought possible.

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