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Piedi della coppia in base

We all know that a fulfilling sexuality is fundamental for the wellbeing of a person and of a relationship; nevertheless, sexual disorders are extremely common in the population (43% of women and 31% of men have experienced some issues at least once in their life), yet only 10% of those seek for professional help, ​maybe due to modesty or the reticence to talk about intimacy to a stranger and a third party. Unfortunately, sexual issues are only rarely resolved without the help of an expert.

​Problems may arise in any aspect of sexuality: libido, desire, arousal, orgasm and pleasure during sexual intercourse. Sometimes they are due to a medical condition, such a pathology, hormonal imbalance, or side effects of a medication, therefore if you experience some differences in the topics above, you shall tell your doctor!

​Ruled out organic reasons, sexual disorders indicate a personal struggle or sufferance within the couple. We have a holistic approach to the person at INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE: we treat sexual disorders in a individualized approach combining sexology with the analysis of personality and personal meanings of the single person or interpersonal dynamics of the couple.

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