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Deborah Vlatkovic, DClinPsy

Cognitive-Behavioral and Post-Rationalist Therapist
EMDR therapist lev. II

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  • BSc, in Developmental Psychology (Univ. Padova) 

  • MSc in Applied Cognitive Psychology (Univ. Padova)

  • DClinPsy in Cognitive-Behavioural and Post-Rationalist Therapy (Centro Terapia Cognitiva - Como)

  • Quailfication as EMDR Therapist Level 1 and 2 (EMDR - Italy)

Chartered Psychologist (Albo psicologi Lombardia - Sez.Psicoterapeuti

Member of the Italian Society of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (SITCC). Member of EMDR Italia

Practicing in Italian, English and Croatian in Piazza Sei Febbraio 4

To book an appointment, 

write to:

or call: 378 08 60 965

You can also visit:

A little about me

I am a Psychologist, Trainee in Psychotherapy at the Center of Cognitive Therapy in Como in cognitive constructivist orientation. I have 10 years of academic experience and 7 years of work experience in the field.

I was born and raised in Croatia, but I studied and obtained my Master's Degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology at the University of Padua (Italy).

I have initiated my work experience in the field of drug addiction at Gallimberti & Partners. Afterwards, I worked at the San Raffaele Hospital in the department of rehabilitation medicine with patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. I have experience in both fields in the use of rTms (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).

I have developed my interest in drug addiction by carrying out professional and practical activities at the Hospital of Bollate, Milan in the NOA Center where I assisted and led support groups for patients and their relatives.

I work at the Polytechnic of Milan by providing psychological support and psychotherapy to students of the University.

I work as a professional psychologist and psychotherapist online and in person in English, Italian and Croatian.

My therapy approach

In my professional path, my goal has always been to have a long-lasting and positive impact on my patients.

During the sessions I always try to establish a serene and protected environment where one can express oneself without fear of judgement, by collaborating with the person in order to direct him or her towards new perspectives, to learn to use new strategies to develop a new well-being in one's own path. In other words, to help to understand and deal with the emotions and the discomfort he/she is undergoing.


For me, therapy is like hiking. Imagine you have to climb a mountain. At first, you will see this mountain from a far distance. As you approach the mountain you will see the path, but you are still far from the top. As you go, you will have to face different obstacles, but in the end, those obstacles will help you become stronger, and once you get to the top, you will not be the same person as before. You will know how to deal with and manage the obstacles that life presents to all of us from time-to-time. That's therapy for me, to find in those obstacles the strength to allow yourself to grow and to accept yourself.


"The first step doesn't get you where you want to be, but it takes you out of where you are."

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