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If you are not totally fulfilled by your sex life

Sexual fulfilment and satisfaction is absolutely central for personal wellbeing and the health of a relationship; however, when this is not the case, people tend to wait till things settle. Unfortunately, they never do.

Research has shown that sexual disorders are extremely common (30-40% of population suffered from those at least once in life), nevertheless, only the 10% of people with a sexual disorder seek for professional help.

Sexual disorders refer to any aspect of sexuality: libido, desire, arousal, orgasm and pleasure during intercourse. In some cases, these are caused by a medical condition, a hormonal imbalance, or medication, therefore they should always be reported to a family doctor, an andrologist or a gynaecologist.

If there isn’t a medical explanation, sexual disorders indicate a personal psychological difficulty or sufferance within the couple. Waiting is counterproductive in these cases too, since a temporary symptom might become chronic, when untreated.

At INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE we have a holistic view to the person: sexual disorders are treated within the person or couple system and we design a custom intervention combining sex therapy with the analysis of personality and personal meanings.

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