A journey towards self-awareness

What is a psychotherapy?

Pycho-therapy, or "talk-therapy", is a method for self-development which improves the way we think, feel and act through self-awareness. The more we know about ourselves and our personality, the more we can regulate our emotions and act towards our aims.

Shrinks are for weirdos?

Movies and literature of the old times created some prejudice about psychotherapy, linking it to severely disturbed people, whilst the request for personal development courses and workshops is growing. Sometime, these experiences are enough to change the way people think about themselves, but often they need to ask themselves more intimate questions that cannot take place in those situations.

The general mindset about psychology is changing over the last years, with the support of celebrities who found it beneficial. Ashtag like #endthestigma, #endthestigmaofmentalhealth have more and more followers and psychologists appear often helping characters of Netflix series​


What is the difference between counselling and therapy?

Despite these terms being used interchangeably in English, in Italy the word counselling is used only for short psychological support limited to a specific situation (e.g. choosing a study or career path, or issues limited to one isolated area of life). Psychotherapy instead involves an analysis of the person as a whole, in all life contexts and relationships.

According to the Italian regulation, only professionals with a psychology degree and master, who are chartered by the national institute (Ordine degli Psicologi) are licenced to practice counselling (despite training in counselling being open also to non-psychology graduate, people practicing without a psychology degree are illegal and should be reported to the Ordine degli Psicologi). The practice of psychotherapy instead is open only to psychologists and medical doctors who have not only been charted, but they have also completed a 4 years DClinPSy in Psychotherapy and they are registered as psychotherapists. ​​

What is the difference between an psychoanalysis and psychotherapy?

The two terms are pretty equivalent; the difference is on the theoretical framework used in the practice. A psycho-analist makes sense of your emotions through the analysis of the unconscious and deep self, whilst a psycho-therapist focuses more on your patterns of emotions, thoughts and behaviours and usually is not meant to make interpretations.

​At INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE we have an international team of Post-Rationalist Cognitive-Behavioural therapists. This approache is one of the latest versions of psychotherapy based on attachment theory, whose assumptions and effectiveness has been proven by a large number of studies.

​According to the literature, the therapist's approach is not as important as the empathy and quality of the client-therapist relationship in predicting the treatment outcome. Therefore, we offer the first consultation free of charge, so that your decision about starting a path with the specialist will be mainly based on you feeling at ease, rather than other reasons.

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