Technical consultancy for court cases

What is a CTP?

CTP in Italian means “Consulente Tecnico di Parte” a party-appointed technical consultant, in our case a forensic psychologist who supports you if you are in a lawsuit requiring your psychological or neuro-psychological assessment.


When do you might need a CTP?

  • Marriage Issues (separations/divorces/anulment) with personality assessment

  • Law decisions on children, with evaluation of parenting

  • Insurance suits, with assessment of cognitive damage

  • Mobbing suits, with assesment of personal distress and mental wellbeing

How does is it work?

When a judge requires a psychological or neuro-psychological assessment, he/she can nominate a court-appointed technical consultant, in Italian called CTU (Consulente Tecnico d’Ufficio).

The parties can, if they wish, nominate a forensic psychologist, the CTP, to monitor the CTU’s work. A CTP can ask the CTU to integrate or modify the assessment method and can object to the CTU’s evaluation.

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