Fears limiting your daily life

Human beings have a self-conservation mechanism that elicits the sensation of disgust, aversion or fear for some potentially dangerous stimuli or situations. Through this mechanism we learn not to play with fire, not to eat inedible or poisonous berries, fruits or animals and to stay away from dangerous situations.

Nevertheless, sometimes this mechanism is triggered with fear, also for harmless stimuli; this happens if we have witnessed or imagined a situation in which we felt in danger, of if we relate that stimulus or situation to something that we see dangerous for our physical or mental health. This is a phobia. In this case we talk about a phobia.

As a consequence, we can develop a phobia for nearly everything or every situation, despite it may seem unreasonable to many. Some phobias are linked to stimuli (e.g. snakes) so rare that it makes no sense to worry about those. Other phobias nonetheless are related to highly common stimuli (e.g. pigeons, germs, public transport) and they can severely limit daily life if untreated; they trigger a self-feeding avoidance mechanism preventing the possibility of realizing to be able to cope with the fearful situation.

During the path with a psychotherapist, phobias are analysed looking for their meaning or the associated memory, in order to construct together new personal meanings and resolve the underlying fear.

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