Cognitive evaluation and rehabilitation

What is neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology studies how the brain directs human behaviour in all its aspects: perceiving stimuli, feeling body sensations and directing movements, feeling emotions and organizing thoughts, memory, language, attention, consciousness and self-consciousness and planning our actions according to our goals.

A neuropsychologist compares the brain structure given by brain imaging techniques (PET, TC, MR) with its functioning; either directly, through EEG, PET, fMRI, or indirectly, through paper or computerized assessment of performance.

At INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE we can evaluate your cognitive well-being through indirect paper and computerized testing.


Why should an adult look for an assessment?

Normally, there are three situations for a neuropsychological testing: (i) evaluating the progression of a neuro-degenerative disorder, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease and understanding what can be used to improve the deficits; (ii) estimating the damage of a TIA, Stroke, or cerebral anoxia; (iii) evaluating the presence of a non-diagnosed pre-existing learning disability or attention deficit.

What is measured?

  • Overall cognitive functioning

  • Language 

  • Logic 

  • Memory

  • Attention 

  • Visuo-Spatial Abilities

  • Executive functioning and planning

How do you proceed after a diagnosis?

After assessing cognitive strengths and weaknesses  at INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE, we can create ad-hoc rehabilitation programmes for cognitive empowerment.

Our programmes for neuro-degenerative disorders allow to reduce the consequences of the disease on every day and family life, through the creation of alternative strategies and specific training.

Our programmes for brain lesions can activate alternative neural network to partially reduce the extent of the damage.

Our programmes for attention and memory deficits give children and adults the tools to increase attention skills and to find personal strategies to accomplish school and work tasks.

Please remember that the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of a neuropsychological deficit is by law limited to psychologists with a post-graduate diploma in neuropsychology. ​​

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