Cognitive assessment and rehabilitation

What is neuro-psychology?

Neuropsychology is the science that studies how the brain guides human behavior: how we perceive body stimuli and sensations, how we organize movements, experience emotions and organize our thoughts, with all the cognitive functions such as memory, language, attention, conscience, and planning of actions.


Brain imaging techniques (EEG, PET, and functional magnetic resonance imaging) can be used to study the functioning brain; alternatively, its behavior can be inferred indirectly through a series of paper-pencil or computerized tests.


At INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICY we have the possibility to indirectly evaluate the state of cognitive health through paper-and-pencil and computerized tests.



What is a neuropsychological assessment in adults for?

Neuropsychological evaluation in adults usually takes place in three cases:

(i) to assess the progression of a neuro-degenerative disease (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's) and understand how to reduce associated difficulties;

(ii) to assess the extent of cognitive impairment suffered following TIA, stroke, head trauma and brain hypoxia;

(iii) to assess the pre-existence of learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia), attention or memory disorders, which have never been diagnosed.


What is a neuropsychological assessment in children for?


The psychological evaluation in children allows us to understand if some social, motor, concentration or school difficulties can be connected to a biological basis rather than to an emotional issue.

A cognitive assessment at INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE can indicate whether it is appropriate to contact a clinical center for a complete screening.


What can be evaluated?

  • Global cognitive functioning

  • Language skills

  • Logical-mathematical skills

  • Autobiographical and episodic, short and long term memory

  • Attentional skills

  • Visuo-spatial skills

  • Executive and planning functions



Cognitive rehabilitation


Once the strengths and weaknesses of your cognitive structure have emerged through the evaluation,or if you have already had an evaluation from a clinical center, at INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE, we create highly individualized rehabilitation and cognitive enhancement programs.


Our rehabilitation programs for neurodegenerative diseases allow us to reduce their consequences on family and daily life, through the creation of alternative strategies and cognitive enhancement exercises.


Our programs for acquired brain damage allow you to activate new neural connections to partially recover the damage suffered.


We also offer programs for attention and memory disorders that provide adults and children with the tools to improve their cognitive skills and to find personal strategies to cope with work and school demands.


We remind you that evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of neuropsychological disorders by law can only be carried out by psychologists with a four-year specialization in neuropsychology.


You can get in touch with one of our neuropsychologists, or send a generic request and we will suggest the best one for you.

The first consultation is always free of charge