A sneaky pain that can make you drown

Depression sneaks silently into daily life, beginning with a low mood, negative thoughts, laziness, a tendency to stay in and not meeting people, to eat too much or too little and a struggle to keep focused. This is a common reaction after some difficult life events, such as the loss of a beloved, the end of a relationship, the loss of a job or career opportunities or important failures; in all these cases time is needed to elaborate what happened and re-adjust to the normality.

However, in some circumstances a depressive reaction doesn’t seem to fade out after a few days, and rather, some people may start feeling far too comfortable in inactivity and isolation; negative emotions feed negative thoughts and vice versa, with the risk of spiralling down. As weeks go by, social networking and relationships are impoverished and reaching out for help becomes more and more difficult, if not considered pointless. Instead, some people might seek comfort and distraction in junk food, alcohol, drugs, binge watching or binge gaming, whilst being less and less active and productive at work or at school. That’s the time to call a therapist.

Indeed, since depression is such an insidious disorder, it must be caught on time. And a psychotherapist is the right person to talk to, who will not judge, but rather take you through your pain with no fear. The first crucial step is just being aware of your sufferance and of the need for help; a therapist will support you while processing your pain, so to find again the strength to break your cocoon and go back to your life.

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