When you are lost in translation

What is couple’s therapy for?

Couple’s therapy does not save couples in crisis at all means. Couple’s therapy helps to express your emotions within the couple, your beliefs and thoughts, and facilitates an empathic listening and understanding.

You will notice that there are patterns in your relationship that are related to one’s own personalities and personal issues. This will lead to a mutual comprehension of each other’s feelings. For a couple to survive though, personal values should (still) be shared. ​

When should we start a couple’s therapy?

Unfortunately, most couples start a path as the last attempt to save a relationship, but emotional detachment has already occurred.

A couple’s path could be appropriate and enrich your relationship even where there are no big issues between partner, but there are important life changes or you are going through a hard time, or if you want to improve your communication or even learn how to argue in a more productive way.

What does the therapist do?

The therapist does not judge any of you; he's not meant to find who’s right and who’s wrong; rather he/she will act as an impartial listener facilitating mutual understanding and deep comprehension of each other’s feelings. He/she will be a translator of two worlds who are not communicating, so that you'll find a way to unrevel your emotions and issues, whether they are inside or outside the bedroom.


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