A short and focused intervention

What is counselling?

Psychological counselling is meant to address a specific situation. Through counselling you will identify your goals, personal weaknesses and resources and you will create a strategy towards your aims. 

Expatriates Counselling

Moving to a new country  is a challenge that, according to the latest studies, determines moderate to severe stress in 50-60% of expats. Changes of life habits are usually considered as one of the major sources of stress and requests for psychological support; in the life of an expat, all those changes occur together, with a new job, a new work environment, a new place, new language, new habits and a new culture to adjust to.

The lack of a support network made by family and friends can make these challenges even more difficult to handle, and at the same time expats or foreign students struggle on making a new network.

​At INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE we help to smoothen the process of integration to the city of Milan.

Other good reasons to seek counselling:

  • ​Academic/work decisions.

  • Caregivers/family issues.

  • Psycho-educational support with children and teens


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