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About Sexology

Sexology is a discipline that brings together different doctrines: medicine, biology, psychology and sociology, with the aim of explaining the multiple facets of human sexuality and treating sexual disorders.

Sexology promotes sexual health and well-being along the lines of the WHO which defines sexual health as "a state of physical, emotional and mental well-being".

In the sexological approach, body-mind-feelings are three inseparable aspects if a dynamic network. 

"Understand your thoughts, listen to your emotions, act on your behaviors"


The sexologist is the expert professional for the individual or the couple having intimacy or sexuality issues. The sexologist offers screening, evaluation and treatment of the main sexual dysfunctions but also psycho-educational or sex coaching interventions in the event of erroneous beliefs.

Sexual disorders we treat:

Desire disorders:  little or no sexual desire and marked disinterest in engaging in sexual activities.

Arousal disorders:  male erectile dysfunction and female arousal disorder.

Orgasm disorders:  female anorgasmia, premature or delayed male ejaculation.

Pain Disorders:  vaginismus, dyspareunia and vulvodynia

Sexual psycho-education and sex-coaching

We carry out information and sexual education activities to provide in-depth knowledge on sexuality and related psychological and emotional aspects, on the physiology of the sexual response cycle, on the main sexual disorders and on the characteristics of sexuality during specific life events such as: pregnancy, postpartum, bereavement , stress and organic diseases.